Mamma Mia – The Extravaganza

Mamma Mia - The Extravaganza

Lunatics, something wild this way comes! If you’re a sucker for a sing-along or the thought of a musical makes you melt, then boy, have we got one hell of a show for you.

Introducing…Luna Spring’s Mamma Mia – The Extravaganza.

We’re used to transporting you to another galaxy but now it’s time to take you on an all-inclusive trip to an island where partying is top of the Agenda. On the Island of Skopelos, the drinks NEVER run dry, the tables are just begging to be danced on and the music is cranked up a notch.

This Summer we’re screaming GIMME, GIMME, GIMME, a real good time. Crash landing into Luna Springs on the 8th of August, we’ve got a lineup filled with Mamma Mia royalty.

Firstly, you’ll be welcomed by two of the hottest drag queens in Birmingham, who’ll be suitably tucked and ready to get f*cked! Next, we’ll kickstart your day with an ABBA-solutely kick-ass performance from 3 of the West End’s wildest stars. Ripped straight from the stages of London, they’ve had a few cocktails and they’re ready to bring the party.

That’s not all, we’ve got delicious grub to see you through and, most importantly, a bucket-load of bubbles on hand at all times. With enough booze to satisfy even the most Super of Troupers, whether you’re drowning in bubbles or knocking back beers, we’ve got something for everyone.

Dancing Queens, rejoice. We’re bringing you 3-hours of action, 15 ABBA tracks and 0 regrets. So, say ‘I DO’ to the time of your Godammn lifeeeee and let’s take it back to the sexiest era of all time, the 70s!

In conclusion, you better pull on your platforms, slip into your flares and warm up your vocals because this August, Digbeth’s throwing the hottest wedding of the century.

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